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Wooden Mountain Art- Geometric/Mosaic art

Wooden Mountain Art- Geometric/Mosaic art

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Each of these is a unique, one-of-a-kind art piece. Handcrafted from a variety of wood, including reclaimed wood, each piece has so much character. Perfect for adventurers, woodland themed nurseries/kids rooms, or camper/cabin decor. Only one of each so grab it before it’s gone! 

Dimensions (WxH approximate inches)* all have a depth of 1.5 **Numbers Reflect item in photos

      #1 Green Mountain 11.25x11.25

      #2 Tan Mountain 7.5x9

      #3 Tan Mountain 7.75x10.25

      #4 Tan Mountain 7x9.25

Sawtooth hanging hardware installed on back of item. You will need a hammer and mail or screw to hang on the wall. Items can also be stood on a shelf.

Thank you for supporting my small business!

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